How High Heels Affect your Body

High heels are an essential part of fashion for many, but after knowing the truth about the damage they can do to your body, you may rethink your wardrobe. An orthopedic doctor will frequently treat patients for issues caused by frequent wear of high heel shoes, some of which are the following.

Improper PostureOrthopedic_Doctor

Wearing heels changes the way you carry your body. On the outside, this can make you appear more confident and attractive. However, the events on the inside of your body are a major problem. Altering your posture by wearing heels causes misalignment of your spine as your body position must change to move and stand. Your muscles and tendons must work harder to keep you stable, and your calf muscles can become thicker and shorter over time.

Back Trouble

The effects of improper posture may lead to a permanent problem with your spine. Since wearing high heels shifts your body weight, this may cause your vertebrae to move out of position, compressing nerve pathways and causing debilitating pain. For many cases like these, an orthopedic doctor must correct it surgically before permanent damage occurs.

Force on Feet

Stuffing your tender tootsies into a shoe with a pointed toe is harmful enough, but when you add to that misery with 2-4″ heels, trouble is imminent. Severe cramping, plantar fasciitis, tendon problems, and bunions are all likely results of high heel wear. Your feet must work harder to keep your balance in heels also, and up to a third of women report having fallen while wearing them.

High heels are a stylish, attractive staple of today’s fashion, but are not great for your overall bone and joint health. For best results, minimize your wear of heels and talk to your orthopedic doctor for more information about high heels.

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