How Orthopedic Care Can Keep You Moving

While it’s true that you can’t avoid some changes to your body as you age, no one should assume that joint, bone, or muscle pain is just a given in life. There are actions you can take and lifestyle choices to be made that will keep you moving, keep you strong, and keep you comfortable. Orthopaedic care is a huge benefit to your future joint and bone health. Here’s how!

Early Diagnosis

Mild joint discomfort might seem like nothing (especially to an athlete), but it could be the start of a problem that can cause major decline quickly. Taking the time to speak with a specialist may help you identify and treat issues before they become severe enough to require orthopaedic surgery. Combinations of rest, medications, and physical therapy have a great chance of success if they’re implemented before damage becomes irreversible or untreatable by less invasive methods.


Lifestyle Analysis

Regardless of your athleticism (or lack thereof), an orthopaedic surgeon can guide you towards the right strategies to support your joint health given your particular lifestyle. He or she is able to provide advice on the vitamins and minerals that help your joints remain fluid and comfortably moving, and also help you understand how your weight or lifestyle risks (such as smoking or drinking alcohol) might be affecting your bones and joints. They also assist you with making solid choices that will benefit your body’s overall mobility.

Expert Care

If your case has reached the point where orthopaedic surgery is necessary, having the right surgeon means the difference between just getting around after the procedure versus a high quality recovery and quick return to activity. You’ll be coached on what to expect before, during, and after the operation plus what effort you should expect to put in to recovery. Fully understanding the elements that can contribute to your future mobility is likely to improve your outcome.

Orthopaedic surgery specialists can help you with more than just surgery. They keep you educated, informed, and appropriately treated so that you stay moving, active, and happy for many more years to come!


  1. Zequek Estrada says:

    Matt, it would be wonderful if it was possible that you could avoid changes to your body as you age. However, I love that you point out things that can be done as your body changes. Personally, I think it’s best not to fight what you’re going through. A friend of mine who had cancer told me it was easier to get treatment when she accepted what was happening and remembered that it was her choice to make it worse than it was. Although everyone’s situation is different, I imagine that having a good attitude can be helpful if you do end up getting orthopaedic surgery.

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