How Sitting All Day Hurts Your Body

It may be a surprising fact that orthopedic specialists see an increasing number of office workers each year. You might not think that a low-activity, non-hazardous occupation would cause any damage to the human body, but it is true. Here’s how too much sitting can impact your health. 

Shortened MuOrthopedic_Specialistscles

When your body is in a sitting position, many of your major muscles will shorten and remain that way for long periods of time. One area where this commonly occurs is in the hip flexor. Hip flexors are the muscles at the front of your hip, and sitting allows them to be at their shortest length. By being sedentary and not moving around much all day, the now-shortened muscle feels very tight and stiff when you do take on activity. The muscles in your shoulders and arms are also prone to this problem.

Back Trouble

Let’s face it — many office workers have terrible posture. This fact combined with uncomfortable office chairs, long meetings, and phone calls lead to major back pain, stiffness, and cramping. Not only are your muscles affected by lack of movement, but your vertebrae aren’t lubricated adequately either. Your flexibility is compromised, your spinal joints may be inflamed, and you may become uncomfortable. Seeing an Orthopedic specialists can help determine if you have any back problems that can be treated. 

Non-Orthopedic Problems

Sitting all day causes a long list of trouble for your whole body. The risk of developing diabetes is much higher for someone who does not have an active job or lifestyle. It may be harder to maintain a healthy weight, even when dieting. Your eye health may suffer too as you combat eye strain and high blood pressure.

If you are an office worker, take brief walks whenever you can. Go to a coworker’s cube rather than email them. Take a short walk around your building a few times a day. Walk during lunches. Fidget, wiggle, and be sure to stretch frequently. Your orthopedic specialist will help you identify easy ways to keep your body strong, even if your work life is restrictive or sedentary.

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