Recover from ACL Injury

For anyone who has ever suffered an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rupture or tear, you know the effort needed to make a strong recovery. If you are facing ACL reconstruction, your knee surgeon will tell you that recovery from an ACL injury is directly impacted by how much you participate in your recovery and rehabilitation. Here are some tips on rebuilding your quadriceps after your surgery.

Dedication to Rehab

After your incisions have healed, your knee surgeon will recommend a schedule of physical therapy. The most important thing you can do to support your repaired ACL is to DO IT! Attend every session with a hardworking attitude. Your physical therapist will likely have you do various exercises:

Straight Leg Lifts

Lying on your back on a firm surface such as the floor, you’ll keep your entire leg straight and gently raise your leg towards the ceiling. Hold it there for at least ten seconds, and repeat this exercise.

Thigh SqueezeKnee_Surgeon

Remain in the same position, and press your thigh muscles downward towards the floor. You’ll feel the top of your quad tense. Hold this position and repeat ten times.

Lying Kicks

Still lying on your back, place a coffee can, cylindrical pillow, or rolled up yoga mat under your knee. Keeping your knee in contact with this object, gently raise your foot towards the ceiling and hold the position. Do not lift your upper back or your neck when performing this exercise.

Half Squat

An advanced move for ACL reconstruction recovery is a half squat. With both hands, hold onto a table or countertop. Place your feet in alignment with your shoulders. Gently bend your knees and sink down so you are partially squatted. Hold the position for several seconds, then steadily and slowly return to standing position. Repeat.

There are many exercises that will help you rebuild your quad strength, but the most important factor is that you do these exercises on a regular basis. Be dedicated and persistent, and both your knee surgeon and you will be far more satisfied with your recovery.

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