How to Improve Strength and Flexibility

Fitness isn’t all about being thin or muscular. Building strength, grace, and improving mobility are all excellent objectives when planning your exercise program. Orthopaedic surgeons have a few favorites for athletes looking to step up their game and become longer, stronger, and more flexible.


What’s not to love about yoga? This low impact exercise can provide cardio benefit, but more ideally helps you to lengthen muscles, increase your range of motion, and strengthen your core and balance. These benefits make yoga a great option for nearly anyone, but for athletes in particular, it can help boost your abilities to the next level without damaging your joints or bones like other aerobic sports can. If you are able to tolerate a heated session, hot yoga will amplify these benefits further and give you more stretch, plus help you flush out toxins for whole body wellness.

Aquatic ExerciseOrthopaedic_Surgeons

Another low impact favorite, aquatic exercises help in a number of ways. First off, water removes the burden of weight from your workout, which means it is a more comfortable way to work out. Secondly, you are able to stretch muscles a little farther than normal when you are in water, which can help you break through flexibility plateaus and really improve your range of motion. Last but not least, water helps improve circulation and brings vital oxygen to your muscles and joints. This helps heal damage you’ve already done, plus lends the muscles more energy for a better, longer workout.

Weight Bearing and Kinetic Exercise

Using your own body weight is a great way to build strength without investing in heavy machinery. Weight bearing exercise can include simple, non-aggressive activities such as walking, and doing things like pushups, pullups, and planking to help build muscle strength. Ask orthopaedic surgeons about the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, or inflated balance balls as additional methods to help build your flexibility and strength.

Strive for fitness, and strive for strength by changing up your exercise routine and incorporating new or creative methods to feel your absolute best!


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