How To Keep Fit Post Hip Surgery

If you are a patient facing a hip replacement surgery, various thoughts are probably crossing your mind right now, many of which relate to your life after the operation. Fitness and activity are major contributors towards good mobility once the procedure is complete. Following are tips to help you stay fit in your new life.


An important factor to consider during your recovery and beyond is your intake of food in comparison to your activity level. In the beginning as you are less mobile, be cautious about your calorie consumption as pounds can add up quickly. While healing and beyond, avoid sugar and processed foods and focus on eating foods rich in antioxidants and lean protein. This will help your healing joint by providing anti-inflammatory benefits and vital nutrients, plus help you manage your weight. Maintaining healthy weight is critical to anyone with joint issues, but for hip replacement patients even more so, as you need to minimize the impact and stress on the recovering hip.


Your orthopedic surgeon will work with you to set up a schedule of rehabilitation and physical therapy after your surgery. This will rebuild strength in the muscles that support the hip, recover range of motion, and allow your confidence in the new joint to grow. Your doctor can also aid in determining what exercises you should incorporate into your daily routine going forward. Yoga and swimming will lengthen your muscles, improve strength throughout your body, and help you develop better balance–all without placing too much stress on your joints from impact. Daily activity is a must to keep your joints fluid and comfortable. Look for fun activities that are easy to stick to, and talk to your specialist to see if they are appropriate for your case.

Hip replacement surgery is the start to your new life. Your orthopedic doctor will help you chart your course and integrate the right mobility-builders into your lifestyle for a comfortable and active future!

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