How to Keep your Bones Healthy this Summer

Summer is when most of us take vacations and have fun. After being trapped in the house during the cold of winter and supporting family obligations throughout the school year, the freedom of summer is a welcome change. Your lifestyle and food choices this summer have a significant impact on your bone health. Your orthopedic care professional has these recommendations for you.

Get Your Vitamin D

Sunshine is the main contributor of the crucial Vitamin D that your bones need to stay strong. While calcium is the building block of bone growth and density, your body needs Vitamin D to properly absorb the calcium in your food sources and dietary supplements. Apply some sunscreen and spend some time outdoors in the sun to help make your bones strong.

Lose Weight 

Carrying extra weight is very hard on your joints and bones, since they must absorb additional impact each time you step down. Being overweight degrades your cartilage and eventually can cause your bones to grind against each other, instead of being cushioned and comfortable. Talk to your orthopedic care and medical doctors about an intelligent weight loss plan to minimize damage to your joints and bones.

Be Active, But Be Smart

Summertime comes with so many exciting activities, and you’ll likely want to do as many as you can this season. Whatever your hobby or activity, use common sense and the right personal protective equipment. For example, wearing the right shoes during a sport can help you avoid a broken ankle. Know your limits and don’t be embarrassed to bow out if the activity becomes more than you can safely perform. It is far better to back down somewhat than to have an accident resulting in broken bones or something more tragic.


Whether your source of stress is work related, financial burdens, or doing your best to raise a family, the effect is still the same. Stress and anxiety cause your body to produce cortisol, which creates an acidic environment in your body. Your bones break down and become weaker as a result. Learn how to meditate, find a hobby that allows you to unwind, and take some time for yourself. Your bones will thank you for it!

Summertime is a great time to have some fun while taking care of your bones. Talk to your orthopedic care specialist today for more great information on bone health.

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