How to Prevent Hand and Wrist Injuries

Whether you are a worker, an athlete, or a do-it-yourselfer, your risk of incurring a hand or wrist injury always exists. How can you actively prevent these types of injuries from occurring? Hand surgeons see certain injuries more commonly than others and offer these tips to keep your hands healthy and happy.

Repetitive Injuries

Office workers and assembly line workers often complain of hand issues such as carpal tunnel, in which the delicate nerves of the hands become impinged or restricted due to overuse or constant repetition of the same motions. Carpal tunnel can be excruciatingly painful and lead to impaired motion in your hands and nerve damage. Preventing repetition injuries can be as simple as taking a break from the action, and stretching your hands between tasks. Hand surgeons can also prescribe braces and injections to help manage pain in patients already experiencing this type of syndrome.

Sports Injuries

Athletes are susceptible to hand injuries of many varieties such as sprains, broken bones, hyperextension of wrists and fingers, and abrasions. The most important piece of advice that hand surgeons can offer is to warm up before every game, practice, and workout. This will help your flexibility and reduce the potential for painful damage. Remember that quality is better than quantity when performing reps or practicing techniques. Maintaining good form is an important factor in avoiding injury.

Work Injuries

Whether you are working in a warehouse, a machine shop, or doing landscaping around the house, following safety protocols can mean the difference between completing your work without issue and having a life-changing accident. Some tasks should be performed while wearing gloves, whereas glove wear is a bad idea in others, especially where heavy machinery is involved. Safety policy has been established to provide clear guidelines for the working methods that are best for the situation. Always stay focused on the task you are performing and follow directions.

General Bone Health

As you age your bones can deteriorate and create a greater likelihood for hand and wrist injury. Hand surgeons can recommend a food and lifestyle plan that will help you care for your body appropriately as you age. Taking in quality food and staying active can help keep your bones strong.

Your hands and wrists are vulnerable to the world. Protect them and care for them now to ensure that you’ll have comfort and flexibility far into the future.

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