How to Regain Shoulder Range of Motion

Shoulder injuries can take a long time to heal, especially after surgery. Pain and stiffness may make it difficult for you to get complete movement back, which has a significant effect on your lifestyle and activities. Here are a few ways that your shoulder surgeon suggests to help you recover shoulder range of motion.


Post-injury and post-surgical physical therapy is absolutely critical in order for you to regain flexibility and range of motion in your shoulder. Your shoulder surgeon will recommend the duration and frequency he or she believes will be best suited to your case. Be committed to attending every session as scheduled, and know that the more effort you put in, the better your recovery is likely to be.Shoulder_Surgeon


Many times after surgery, exercise and therapy can be intimidating. You may not know what level of pain you’ll feel or what your abilities are. Yoga is a very gentle way to improve your flexibility gradually, without jarring or impacting your body. Yoga will help you build strength to support your shoulder and allow muscles that have been constricted by immobility and recovery pain to lengthen and relax. Ask your surgeon what yoga movements will be most helpful and what schedule to follow.

Swimming and Whirlpool Therapy

Aquatic therapy can provide additional benefit to your physical therapy routine since it removes the burden of weight from your joints. The moves you make to stretch your shoulder can extend farther without that burden. Hot water therapy such as whirlpool treatment will boost your circulation, bringing healing oxygen to your healing joints and tissues via blood flow.

Talk to your shoulder surgeon today about these and other tips on how to improve your range of motion. With a little effort, you’ll be amazed how much you can benefit from these strategies.

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