How to Reinforce Ankle Instability

An orthopedic doctor treats a huge volume of ankle injuries and issues during his or her career. Ankle problems can be painful and dangerous, as you may not be steady on your feet and risk additional injury by falling. Here are a few common techniques that an orthopedic doctor may recommend for ankle reinforcement.



Athletic tape when applied to the ankle, under the foot and up to the start of your calf can lend extra stability to a weak ankle. The muscles, tendons and ligaments have some backup to rely on for added strength and you’ll be less likely to roll an ankle or end up with a bad sprain. With this method, you can still be active but protect yourself too. As always, prior to sports activity, a warm up before sports activity is a must.

Support Brace

A similar tactic to taping, a brace made for the ankle is a quick and easy way to help reinforce ankle instability. These also provide some compression, which may aid in reducing swelling and providing comfort to a sore joint. 


Bracing and taping are helpful but there are proactive ways to help stabilize your ankles. You may wish to incorporate strength-building exercises into your daily routine. Your orthopedic doctor can recommend a full a variety of exercises, but a couple simple activities can help you get started: Stand on one foot and balance for as long as possible. As you do this, you’ll feel your ankle compensate for your body’s slight movements. Doing this on an unstable surface like foam or sand will return better results. Stepping up on to a slightly elevated surface is another task that will help build ankle stability and flexibility. All of these activities will work to improve your balance as well.

Ankles can be easily injured, especially after an injury has already occurred. Protecting your ankles and reinforcing their stability can help you avoid further injury. Talk to your orthopedic doctor for more advice about ankle health. 

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