How to Treat Arthritis Pain in the Winter

Joint HealthIf you have joint health issues, winter can be the most difficult time of year. Arthritis sufferers are particularly vulnerable to cold and inclement weather, struggling with pain and inflammation for much of the season. Fortunately, today’s treatment options are highly effective even in the worst of weather.

Aquatic Therapy

Exercise is incredibly important for arthritis patients. Mobility is a challenge when pain increases — a vicious cycle since joint health requires activity. Aquatic therapy such as swimming or water aerobics can help to solve this problem in a few ways. Gentle compression provided by the water as it encompasses the body soothes pain and inflammation, while warmth from the water improves circulation. Healing nutrients are then able to flow to achy joints more effectively. Finally, the patient gets the benefits of the exercise without damaging impact on already tender joints. A simple set of laps in the water will get joint fluid moving and provide these amazing benefits.


During the darker months of winter, the opportunity to absorb sunlight is extremely limited. If the sun is your only source of vitamin D, you may not be getting an adequate supply. Talk to your orthopedic doctor about vitamin D and calcium supplements, and dietary sources of these minerals. You may also ask about omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant-rich foods. Boosting these substances will help you maintain bone strength and joint health.


While you may consider massage to be an indulgence, arthritis sufferers should think again. Massage therapists can help ease your wintertime suffering with attention to tight muscles, sore joints and pressure points. Easing tense muscles will help take strain off of sensitive joints, and using pressure points is a drug-free way to relieve pain. You may wish to try acupuncture in conjunction with massage for even more improvement.

If you have arthritis, there are a number of ways you can keep yourself comfortable this winter. For other techniques in arthritis pain relief or more advice on joint health, talk to your orthopedic specialist today!


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