How Yoga Can Help After Surgery

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, a new yoga studio has opened. With the scores of mat-carrying yoga enthusiasts walking around your city, you may wonder if yoga has anything to offer you. For sports medicine patients who have gone through or are about to undergo surgery, this answer is a resounding YES for a number of reasons.

sports orthopedicsRegain Flexibility

The most commonly considered benefit of yoga is the increase in flexibility that can be achieved. This is especially advantageous after surgery, since typically you’ve been forced into immobility for a time and your muscles have shortened as a result. The wonderful stretches that yoga provides will lengthen those muscles again, and may even add some flexibility after your recovery is complete. Range of motion is also aided, and you may be able to reach farther than you ever thought possible. If you can tolerate high temperatures, hot yoga provides additional benefit and pushes you to an even higher level of performance and recovery since your muscles are warm and pliable.

Build Strength

You don’t need high impact or aggressive exercise to strengthen your muscle groups. Yoga is a great tool for sports medicine patients and athletes who want to build a strong core and increase the strength and ability of their entire body. Through yoga’s controlled movements and conscientious breathing, you’ll rebuild weak muscles, strengthen those needed to support joints or muscles you’ve had surgically repaired, and do great things for your bones and joints.

Gain Stability

One fact many people don’t know about yoga is that it is incredibly helpful in improving your balance and coordination. After some practice, your newfound stability and increased core strength will make your body a powerhouse! Athletes will be amazed how much stronger they feel, and how powerful their stance and body positions feel after performing yoga regularly. You’ll also be less vulnerable to additional injury when you’ve got better balance.

Sports medicine patients benefit greatly from yoga after surgery. Talk to your orthopedic professional today to see how to incorporate yoga into your recovery plan for an amazing outcome.

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