Is it Time to see an Orthopedic Surgeon?

For the most part, people generally dislike going to the doctor, and having surgery is something many will avoid for as long as they can. There comes a point where the time you can avoid it is up and you must care for your bone and joint health properly. The following signs should point you towards your orthopedic surgeon’s office right away.

orthopaedic_specialistsAvoiding Favorite Activities

Think about all of the things you love to do, and consider whether you may have stopped or reduced how often you do them due to your joint or bone issues. Worse yet is if you are making excuses so that you miss participating. Diminishing your lifestyle is no way to live, especially when a skilled orthopedic care specialist can get you back up and moving before you know it.

Pain Level

The most common sign of trouble is pain, which is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. You may have a high tolerance for pain, or you may be medicating yourself with anti-inflammatories, over the counter meds, or prescription medications just to make it through the day comfortably. Overuse of medication will eventually take its toll on the rest of your body, and you may build up a tolerance to the medication. An orthopedic surgeon will look at your case to determine the best possible option for you.

Trouble With Daily Life

Serious problems with your bones or joints can make it nearly impossible to move around, and may impact your day to day living. Showering, combing your hair, and getting dressed are major challenges when you’re suffering, to the point that you may start neglecting yourself. While it may seem scary to talk about surgery, the improvement in your quality of life should be the payoff you need to get yourself to an orthopedic care professional immediately.

Your orthopedic care specialist has the training and skills to help make you better. Expert treatment will have you mobile, comfortable, and back into all of your favorite routines, which is a much happier situation to be in!

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