Keep Your Bones Strong as You Age

Bone HealthBones are the support system of our body, which makes keeping them healthy important to prevent weak, brittle bones. As we age, our bone regeneration slows down and the body is not able to create new bone tissue as fast as the old one is lost. Some people have genetically stronger bones and depletion is not a major factor in their health. However, other individuals need to take certain measures in order to avoid conditions such as Osteoporosis. Here are some ways to maintain your bone health as you age.

1. Calcium Consumption

This mineral helps the development of teeth and bones, therefore, consuming a good amount of it, can help keep your bones strong. Great sources of Calcium are milk, yogurt, broccoli, figs and sardines.

2. Exercise

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle could lead to Osteoporosis? Staying active is the easiest way to not only keep a number of health conditions at bay, but to maintain strong bones. Exercises such as running, walking, jumping rope and stair climbing are the best to keep bones healthy and strong.

3. Don’t Smoke

Studies have shown that smoking affects how the body absorbs calcium. This can lead to a decrease in bone mass and compromise overall bone health.

4. Nutrition

Aside from Calcium, bones need other nutrients to keep them healthy. Vitamin D, when paired with Calcium, helps boost the overall bone absorption of the latter. While it hasn’t been proved that Vitamin K affects bone density, it does help the body produce proteins for stronger bones.

Although our bodies naturally change as we age, it doesn’t mean that our bone health has to suffer. Make sure to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid bone-related conditions as you age. For more information on how to keep your body healthy, give Specialty Orthopaedics a call to see how we can help.

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