Knee Arthritis and Treatment

Knee SurgeryMany athletes go through knee surgery at some point in their lives, and many more develop arthritis regardless of their surgical past. Knee arthritis affects a large number of people, especially as they grow older and their joints begin to break down. Here’s what you should know about your diagnosis and treatment for knee arthritis.


Generally the most nagging symptom to bring you to the orthopedic specialist is pain in the knee. Knee arthritis can be quite uncomfortable, and makes it a challenge to walk, stand or sleep comfortably. Treatment for pain is often through over-the-counter or prescription pain medications. Topical creams and gels may also alleviate the ache. The most important tactic is one that is sometimes a challenge- keep on moving. The more you move, the more the joint will lubricate itself, keeping pain at bay. This will improve your joint comfort. Gentle exercises such as yoga, tai chi and aquatic activities are a big help. They promote motion without creating extra stress on your joints.

Swelling and Inflammation

Swelling and inflammation of the knee is a miserable situation that can make it difficult to move. Your orthopedic surgeon might recommend an anti-inflammatory medication to help soothe the soft tissues, and give you relief. Compression is of great benefit also, so you might wrap your knee with a bandage or compression sleeve for support. Aquatic therapy is a good solution here as well since water stimulates circulation (essential for healing,) but also provides gentle compression and a cooling sensation. Keeping the knee elevated will help reduce swelling, but don’t forget to keep yourself moving as much as possible.


For patients with advancing knee arthritis, knee surgery often provides a huge relief. These days knee surgeries are minimally invasive, the downtime is very little, and you’re up, active and pain-free before you know it!

Knee arthritis is an unpleasant condition. Fortunately it is one that has many approaches for treatment, including knee surgery. Talk to your orthopedic doctor today if you’ve been suffering with this problem, and get back on your feet fast!

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