Make Yoga a Part of Your Daily Routine

Group of young people have meditation on yoga class. Yoga concepsports orthopedicsIf you’re a patient of orthopedic and sports medicine professionals, chances are excellent that you’ve gotten a recommendation to bring yoga into your life. Yoga provides a multitude of benefits to both athletes and non-athletes.  Here’s why you need yoga!

Increase Strength

Your body is a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tissues, and organs. To keep them all functioning at their best, they must be exercised. Yoga is a fantastic way to build your muscle strength without excessive time in the weight room. Using your own body weight, you can build long, lean muscles that provide great support to your joints, and even do it from the comfort of your own home.

Improve Joint Comfort

Staying active is the main way that orthopedic and sports medicine doctors recommend to keep joints feeling comfortable and mobile. Anyone with joint issues can tell you about the pain of traditional exercise, since most of it causes excessive force to jar your knees, hips, and back, resulting in pain and sleepless nights. Yoga allows you a low-impact way to get those joints moving and push fluid in to soften cushioning tissue, reducing your joint pain.

Better Balance & Coordination

By improving your core strength with yoga, you build a strong center from which your limbs will move gracefully. You’ll be amazed how much more stable you are, which is a big deal for anyone, but especially so as you grow older. Regular yoga keeps you steady and helps reduce falls that can lead to serious injury.

Improve Performance

Athletes and active people benefit immensely from practicing yoga. By developing strength, balance, and coordination, your sports ability grows as well. You can hit harder, run faster, reduce your risk of injury, and the best part –play with less pain!

Orthopedic and sports medicine professionals can help you integrate yoga into your normal fitness routines. You’ll love what you get out of it physically, and an added bonus is a positive impact on your mental health too. Talk to your doctor to see how yoga fits into your life.

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