Most Common Football Injuries

Football is a game of competition, drama, and suspense, resulting in rabid fans and players. An aggressive contact sport such as football comes with its share of risks. Orthopaedic surgeons report that certain injuries occur frequently in players and warrant a little extra education to prevent some of these troublesome injuries.


Concussions are a very Orthopaedic_Surgeonsdangerous injury and can happen quickly. Helmet to helmet contact is so hazardous that the NFL now charges major penalties for the action. A hard fall on the turf will also cause head injury, which has the potential to result in brain damage and even death. Protect yourself by always wearing a properly fitted helmet, and see a doctor immediately if you’ve suffered a blow to the head.


Career-ending injuries often involve a player’s knee. The knee is a complex arrangement of bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, any of which can be destroyed by an action as trivial as changing direction too quickly. An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rupture or tear can sideline you for months while the ligament is surgically repaired and rehabilitated. A tear in the meniscus, or cartilage that cushions the knee, often requires the attention of orthopaedic surgeons to either remove or repair the meniscus. Proper warm up and conditioning is critical to avoid these types of injuries, and if you have knee pain, consult a doctor right away.


A bad landing or misstep can lead to an ankle sprain, when the tendons or ligaments supporting the ankle become overstretched and inflamed. A sprain is often more painful and difficult to heal than a break and once a sprain has occurred it’s much easier to have a repeat injury since the ligaments never quite return to their original state, especially if the original issue is not allowed to heal properly. Make sure to follow the recommendations of the orthopaedic surgeons exactly if you’ve experienced an ankle sprain.

Football is fun, challenging, and a great way to stay in shape but it’s important to take caution to protect yourself from permanent injury.

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