Most Common Injuries In Spring Sports

Spring InjurySpring is here, and as the land (finally) starts to thaw out, that means plenty of people young and old will be heading outdoors to enjoy the mild weather.

Unfortunately, that means sports-related injuries will be on the rise as well.  Spring sees a big increase in minor injuries, especially among those who haven’t been exercising in the winter as much as they could have.  It’s easy to get over-enthusiastic on the playing field, but you -and your kids- need to be wary of easily-prevented injuries.

Three Common Spring Sports Injuries To Avoid

 Muscle sprains and strains.

These are the most common sports injuries, especially among those who let their muscles tighten up during the cold winter months.  Don’t push yourself too hard on those first few days, and make sure to do plenty of warming up beforehand.  That’s the best way to prevent simple muscle and tendon injuries.

If someone does get a sprain, be sure to put ice on it and let the muscle rest for a few days.  Repeatedly spraining the same muscle or tendon makes it more likely to tear.  And tears mean a trip to the doctor.

Eye injuries.

Don’t forget about eye protection!  A hard flying object like a baseball can do a lot of damage to the face and eyes, especially if a person is wearing regular glasses or contact lenses.  Hard sports goggles are the only safe eyewear for spring sports.

Be sure anyone in your family with corrective lens has a pair of sports goggles before they do anything that could endanger their eyes.  Those don’t grow back.


Knee and elbow injuries.

The tendons and ligaments around your knees and elbows are vulnerable, especially if they’ve gone unused for awhile.  Going slowly is the best preventative measure here.  Give it a week or two before really pushing your body.  It needs time to get back to where it was before winter came.


And if you have any other questions about how to protect your family this spring, just give us a call!  The best medicine is always preventative.

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