My Fracture Didn’t Heal Properly – What Can I Do?

When you fracture a bone, your doctor might reposition it and place a cast or brace on the affected area. This keeps the bone immobile and allows it to heal. However, some fractures don’t end up healing properly with this type of treatment. If you have a fracture that didn’t heal right, your doctor might recommend having surgery to correct it. Otherwise, you could have persistent pain that affects your quality of life. The type of surgery you might need depends on the severity of your injury and where it occurred. In general, there are a few types of surgical procedures done to help fractures heal.


External Fixation

This type of surgery involves having a metal bar outside the affected area which keeps the fractured bone or bones in place. This bar is connected to the bones with metal screws, which are placed on both sides of the fracture. The bar ensures that the bone stays in the correct position as it heals and fuses back together.

Internal Fixation

This type of surgical procedure involves having the bone repositioned, then having screws or plates hold the fractured area together. In some cases, the bone is held in place with a rod that is inserted into the marrow at the center of it. This type of surgery keeps the fractured bone stable, which makes it easier for the bone to heal properly.

Bone Graft

A bone graft procedure involves having a piece of bone from another part of your body placed in the affected area to encourage new bone growth. This piece of bone helps ensure that the fractured bone has fresh cells to use for the healing process. However, a bone graft won’t keep the affected area stable.

If you have a fracture that hasn’t healed properly, it might lead to ongoing pain or restrict your range of motion. You can avoid this and ensure a full recovery by discussing surgical options with an orthopedic specialist


  1. Manuel A Mantilla says:

    I was shot back in 1997 the bone was fractured and my arm is now crooked it heeled this way. When I pick heavy things up or when I twist my arm it makes a grinding noise it pretty loud considering that it is coming from my arm. I would like to know what options I have to correct this problem.

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