New Ewings Sarcoma Target

This article from Red Orbit – –  discusses a new biochemical finding in Ewings Sarcoma.

This type of bone cancer is diagnosed mostly in children and chemotherapy combined with surgery can provide a cure in up to 60% of cases.  However, there are still many cases in which the tumor does not respond to the chemo.  Researchers have been focusing on this group of “non-responders” in hopes of finding a new treatment.

These University of Colorado researchers have discovered a new protein named EYA3 which is produced by the Ewings Sarcoma tumor in high levels and may be the reason some patients do not respond to the chemo that works for many other patients.

With the discovery of the new protein, researches can now begin working on developing new drugs that can work to inhibit that protein and hopefully kill the cancer.  While we await the results of those investigations, the doctors of Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology of Arizona will continue to provide cutting edge surgical management for bone cancers and bone tumors while working closely with our medical oncology colleagues at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Virginia G Piper Cancer Center.

Written by Dr. Matthew Seidel

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