Orthopedic Care Tips for the Elderly

Orthopedic CareAs patients of orthopedic care providers get older, the issues they may face can become much more complex. Joint injuries or deterioration, muscle problems, and bone health troubles compound each other and result in pain and reduced mobility. For elderly patients, maintaining orthopedic health can be a challenge. Here are a few ways you may improve your health.


Activity is a great thing for joint and bone health. It keeps fluid moving through vulnerable hips and knees, lessens body pain, and helps maintain bone strength. Yoga and Tai Chi are the perfect exercises to provide those benefits as they are both low or zero impact, plus have some other incredible benefits. Practicing Yoga or Tai Chi strengthens core muscles and improves balance, which can reduce the likelihood of a hazardous fall.

Eliminate Hazards

As you age, you may need to take a look around your home for issues that may cause a serious fall. Rugs that slip on the floor, carpeted stairs, stairs without a sturdy handrail and bad lighting conditions create a danger of tripping. Watch out for slippery bath mats, random clutter, electrical cords and even pets who may get underfoot. Wearing sturdy shoes with a rubberized bottom will help avoid slipping.


Patients who are older may be on an extensive array of medication for orthopedic or unrelated medical conditions. Some of these medications have a potential side effect of dizziness, so should be taken with caution. Make sure your doctors inform you if a new drug has this possible symptom, or if taking it with your current meds may cause vertigo.


One way you might stave off skeletal issues are through supplements such as calcium, vitamin D and joint-health combinations. ALWAYS be sure to tell your orthopedic care provider about any additional supplements you may be taking.

Getting older has its challenges, but also has its rewards. Talk to your orthopedic care specialist about ways to prevent bone and joint issues as you gracefully age.

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