Orthopedic Health Benefits of Swimming

An issue that many people with orthopedic injuries or ailments face is their lack of strength and mobility. An orthopedic problem can be one that perpetuates itself: You can’t exercise because of the situation, and the situation can get worse if you don’t exercise. This scenario can be a perfect reason to incorporate swimming into your sports medicine program.

Low to Zero Impact

Running, jogging, and contact sports are the last activities a person with an orthopedic problem should do for exercise. The force exerted on already troubled joints from activities like these can further damage your body and lead to even more issues with your bones and joints. Low to zero impact activities such as swimming are ideal for orthopedic patients as they build strength and help you obtain the benefits of cardio without harmful effects on your joints.

Pain Relief

For many orthopedic patients, being immersed in water provides significant pain relief. The feeling of weightlessness and the buoyancy in the water takes the stress off of injured joints or limbs. Imagine working to build strength in your knee without it being under the weight of your body. Swimming also means that the water is applying pressure to your body, which helps reduce swelling. Less swelling typically translates to less pain.

Better Quality Exercise

On land, your orthopedic care program will employ different techniques and body movements. For someone with orthopedic trouble, these moves may be impossible for you to make, limiting your options due to the pain you’d suffer while performing them. In the water, your body itself is more fluid and can be moved in ways that greatly increase your flexibility, circulation, and healing. Warm water is especially helpful in sports medicine since it allows your muscles to stretch and relax, providing even more improvement in your flexibility.

Improved Healing

Swimming and water therapy have a very stimulating effect on your circulation. As the swelling of your body decreases and your circulation is improved, your blood flow helps oxygenate your body and boosts recovery. Getting essential nutrients and oxygen to your cells makes a huge difference to the speed of your healing.

Sports medicine places a lot of emphasis on swimming and water therapy because of the amazing aid it gives to an injured body. Ask your orthopedic doctor today how swimming can help your joints become stronger while reducing your pain.

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