Orthopedic Specialists Can Help You Recover from a Car Crash

Woman driving a carDespite the enhanced safety features that many cars have, you’re still at risk of being injured if you get into an accident. While some injuries might seem minor at first, they can end up becoming persistent or chronic problems that require additional medical help. When rest, medication and physical therapy aren’t effective enough for managing or treating your injury, orthopedic specialists can help.

Back Injuries

Car accidents can cause significant damage to your spine and the muscles in your back. Common back injuries include herniated discs, spinal cord damage and strains and sprains in the upper and lower parts of the back. These injuries can cause considerable pain that persists for years after you’re in an accident.

Torn Ligaments

The ligaments in your knee, shoulder or other areas of your body can tear when you’re in an accident, causing pain and restricting your range of motion. Ligament injuries typically require surgery in order to repair the ligament and restore normal function.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries, such as whiplash, are common in rear-end collisions. These injuries occur when bones, ligaments, muscles or discs in the neck are torn or damaged. Whiplash and other neck injuries can cause mild to severe neck pain and stiffness.

Orthopedic Care

When you have injuries that cause severe or ongoing pain or injuries that don’t respond to nonsurgical treatment methods, orthopedic care can help you heal. The type of procedure you need depends on what kind of injury you have and how severe it is. Some common types of orthopedic procedures include:

  • Total or partial knee replacement
  • Fracture care
  • Treatment of meniscus tears
  • Treatment of rotator cuff tears
  • Shoulder and knee arthroscopy

These procedures help repair damage done to the affected area, which offers pain relief and restores your usual range of motion. Some of these procedures involve using minimally invasive technology that allows surgeons to make small incisions, which can help speed up the recovery process.

If injuries from a car accident are causing severe or persistent pain, our orthopedic specialists can help. Contact Specialty Orthopedic Surgery to schedule an appointment.

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