Overcoming Anxiety of Surgery

An operation can be a very frightening event for anyone. You may be worried about your upcoming orthopedic surgery and wondering how to feel more comfortable with the idea of the procedure. We have some tips to help you overcome your fears and anxieties before your surgery date.

1. Be Informed

One of the reasons for pre-surgical fear is that you are not sure what to expect from the procedure. Your doctor will happily answer as many questions as you have so that you feel more at ease. Be sure to ask about what will happen when you go in to the medical facility, what the doctor will do during the orthopedic surgery, how you will feel when the surgery is over, and what rehabilitation you need. You might ask how long you’ll be sidelined, what your wound care will require, and how long the surgery takes. The answers to these questions help you prepare for your aftercare and gain confidence that the procedure will be quite successful.

2. Focus on the End Result

More than likely, you’ve been in pain for some time. Rather than fixating on the orthopedic surgery itself, think of what your life will be like after the procedure is over. The surgery lasts a very brief span of time in comparison to how long you’ve already suffered and could continue to, if not for the procedure. After it is done you’ll feel much better and more importantly will have more function in whichever bone or joint that has been troublesome. Your quality of life will improve and you’ll be able to do the things you enjoy once again.

3. Ask For Help

Your orthopedic surgery staff understands your fears and concerns, and will be there to help you. For those patients who suffer with extreme anxiety, your doctor may prescribe you a medication or supplement to help calm you. Hypnotherapy has also helped soothe the nerves of some, as well as deep breathing and meditation techniques.  If you find that your stress about surgery is overcoming you, please talk to your doctor for assistance.

Your surgery is a brief event that will lead to better function and comfort in the long run. Be sure to talk to your orthopedic surgeon with all of the questions you have before your procedure. You are in capable hands and will feel monumentally better as a result.

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