I’m Scheduled for Surgery

Insurance and Payment

If your specialist indicates that you require a surgery or procedure, we will approve the procedure with your insurance company as well as obtain benefits. After obtaining authorization from your insurance company, we will call you to schedule the surgery If the insurance company indicates there is a deductible or a co-insurance, which is the patient’s responsibility, that amount is collected prior to your procedure.

Surgical Clearance

Some procedures may require a surgical clearance, which will have to be completed before scheduling surgery. You can download the surgical clearance form here. This form should be given to the physican who will be performing the surgical clearance. This physician must complete the form and fax it to our office before we can schedule your surgery.

Your Surgery

Here are few notes on what to expect before and after your surgery:

  • We may have to perform certain pre-operative tests prior 7-10 days prior to surgery. You will be given a prescription for those tests.
  • Pre-operative instructions will be mailed to you.
  • We will keep your imaging studies for surgery planning.
  • Post-op instructions will be given before discharge. If you have questions call Jodi.
  • Review and update your medications list prior to your surgery. We recommend that you put all your medications on an index card that you can keep in your wallet or on your person.
  • Bring your insurance card and photo ID with you to the hospital


We will schedule the surgery for you and let you know where it will be performed.

Dr. Mallin

  • Banner Good Samartian Hospital in Phoenix (Adult Surgery)
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital (Pediatric Surgery)

Dr. Seidel

  • Scottsdale Healthcare (Adult Surgery)
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital (Pediatric Surgery)

The night before surgery, get a good night’s sleep and just relax. We have successfully treated thousands of patients. You are in good hands!