I’m concerned I might have a tumor

Don’t panic! Not all tumors are cancerous.

Your doctor may have found a tumor in the cartilage or bone through an x-ray taken as a result of an injury or because you were experiencing pain. However, this does not automatically mean that you have cancer! It is quite common to find benign tumors in both adults and children. We will evaluate you through a series of tests to determine whether the tumor is malignant or benign and then create a treatment plan.

We will evaluate your condition

In order to evaluate your condition, we will require some imaging studies. Ideally, these tests should be completed in advance of your visit. However, if they have not been completed, we will order them for you.

Plain X-Rays
Bone Scans
The more prepared you are, the faster we can evaluate your condition. Therefore, when you come in for your first appointment, be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Is the tumor a soft tissue tumor or something seen in the bone?
  • What imaging studies have you undergone?
  • What kind of symptoms are you having? For how long?
  • Was the tumor found incidentally?
  • Did you recently experience trauma or injury to the area?

We will create a treatment plan

After completing an evaluation, your specialist may decide to do a biopsy of the tumor or simply continue monitoring the tumor with imaging studies. Biopsies are sometimes performed with a needle or through an open surgery.

If the tumor is malignant, your specialist will create a treatment plan which could include surgery, chemotheraphy, or radiation or a combination of all three, depending on the tumor type.

Your care will be delivered through a team of specialists

There are three major subspecialties in Oncology.Orthopedic Oncologists that perform surgeries for cancer. Medical Oncologists who specialize in chemotherapy treatment. And, Radiation Oncologists who deliver radiation therapy.

At OSO Arizona, we are specialists in Orthopedic Oncology. Our physicians will perform your surgery and then coordinate with our network of Medical and Radiation Oncologists to deliver chemotheraphy and radiation treatments as necessary.