Positive Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a very painful and debilitating condition that can strike anyone from young to old. This autoimmune response creates joint stiffness, inflammation, and swelling of tissues that make it difficult to move or function in daily life. There are a few basic things you can do to reduce your risk of developing RA.


Taking in fatty fish like salmon could actually reduce your risk of RA by up to half! Avoiding foods that create an inflammatory response in your body is critical. Many people find relief in eliminating foods like sugar, white flour and sometimes even dairy (being careful to replace it with nondairy sources of Vitamin D and calcium), but each patient will have a different set of foods that create an inflammatory response. Orthopaedic surgeons recommend that patients take in adequate protein to maintain muscle mass, and ingest plenty of antioxidant rich foods, which help protect against cell damage. Quality food also helps you maintain a healthy weight, which supports your muscle mass without adding to the normal force placed on your joints.

Avoid Bad HabitsOrthopaedic_Surgeons

Are you a smoker or a drinker? These bad habits could lead to irreparable damage on your joints as well as all the other dangers you can think of. Alcohol and tobacco create inflammation in the body and promote damage to joints. In addition, a specific genetic trait of some people combined with smoking has actually been found to cause RA.

Stay Active

Though it may sound unusual, staying active helps you sustain mobility. Exercise and stretching is good for muscle support and keeps the joints fluid. For those with difficulty exercising, aquatic exercise could help remove the burden of weight from exercise while allowing your joints to stretch and move. Talk to your orthopaedic surgeons first before adding any exercise to your routine.

In terms of rheumatoid arthritis, the input and output of your body are closely related. Take in quality foods, avoid damaging ingredients like alcohol and tobacco, and get as much exercise as possible to keep your body working smoothly and comfortably for a long time.

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