Pre-season Training Tips For Your Orthopedic Health

Ensuring orthopedic health is crucial for any athlete trying to avoid injury, and it reaps the most rewards before your season starts. Preseason training prepares your body for the conditions it will face during regular season practices and games. But preseason training for orthopedic health is about more than just working out. Participating in a strength and conditioning program keeps you from causing harm to your musculoskeletal system, such as tendonitis or muscle strain. Take a look below for three important tips to remember when creating a preseason training program.orthopedic health

Obey the 10 Percent Rule

Overtraining is the quickest way to injure yourself. While you want to prepare your body for success on the field, gradual preparation is better than hitting the gym too hard right away. To prevent putting undue stress on your body, follow the 10 percent rule. In other words, do not increase your activity level (weight, mileage, or pace) by more than ten percent each week. Incorporating this gradual increase adequately readies your body for more intense work without subjecting it to unnecessary pain.

Improve Stability and Balance

No matter the sport you participate in, your core plays a vital role in orthopedic health and injury prevention. A strong core leads to good balance and stable limbs. This level of stability and balance provides a firm base for the rest of your training and helps you improve your overall orthopedic health.

Work On Cardio Fitness

Long-duration, low-intensity exercises builds endurance, which is useful in any sport. This prevents exhaustion and makes for all-around better athletic performance. Cardiovascular work not only improves endurance, but it also keeps your heart healthy. Extreme sports can put your heart through the ringer, so making it strong is crucial.

When it comes to orthopedic health, preseason training is vital. Whatever sport you play, preparing your body for the intensity of regular practices and games helps prevent injury by improving your core and making your heart stronger. To learn more about maintaining good orthopedic health, reach out to Specialty Orthopaedic Surgery today.

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