Preparing For Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip surgery is a major event for anyone, and one you should take time to prepare for such an event. As you approach the big day, focus on getting ready for it physically, make all of your necessary arrangements for after the procedure, and ask your hip surgeon any questions you may have. Following are a few preparedness tips for hip replacement.

Exercise and Eat Well

You may have your challenges exercising with a bad hip, but getting even a little stronger before the surgery will help you tremendously with the outcome. During recovery, muscles generally get weaker as they are not being used. By building up your strength before the operation, you will have better results afterward and get back to your previous activities more quickly. If you are overweight, try to lose a little in a healthy way. Healthy body weight means less strain and pain after the hip surgery.

Stop Bad Habits

Smoking, caffeine consumption, and drinking alcohol impair your body’s ability to heal. Talk to your doctor about quitting (or at least cutting back) on these bad habits before you face the operating room. Your incisions will heal more quickly and you’ll feel better sooner.

Get Your Home Ready

Plan out where you’ll be sleeping, eating, and resting and clear a wide path from room to room. Try to situate your recovery area so that you don’t have to navigate dangerous stairs while you recuperate. Move any obstacles and trip hazards like floor mats and electrical cords. Move commonly used items to more accessible locations.

Arrange Transportation and Mealship_surgery

Hip surgery is significant and it is helpful to have a companion during your recovery. If a friend or family member cannot stay with you, arrange for trips to the doctor and help with personal care for several weeks. Prepare and freeze meals in advance, or have an easy meal strategy.

Your hip surgery is the first step to living the rest of your life with less pain and better mobility. Plan out your recovery now to make life easier and more comfortable for after your procedure.

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