Preparing for Knee Arthroplasty

Knee issues can take you out of the game and out of normal daily activities too. When walking, standing, and pretty much any other activity ends with misery and pain, it is time to take action. Your orthopedic doctor may recommend you for arthroplasty, or a knee replacement.

Choose the Right Surgeon

The first step to take when considering knee replacement is to select your surgeon. You need to know your surgeon has performed this procedure successfully many, many times. Understand that age may not be an indicator of experience, since younger surgeons may have knowledge and expertise in less invasive techniques that will improve your experience. You’ll want to ask about your surgeon’s success rate, and how other patients have fared after their procedures. Ask how many times your doctor has done the surgery and when the most recent was completed.

Get in Shape

You may have difficulty with activity, but it is in your best interest to be as fit as possible before your surgery. Build strength in the muscles that support the joint being replaced. If you are overweight try to take off some of the extra weight if possible to reduce impact on the joint. Do yoga or another type of low impact exercise to stay mobile and keep your joints as fluid as possible.

Prepare Aftercare

Before you go to the hospital for your knee replacement, you must prepare your home for your return. Put away throw rugs. Clear wide paths that will allow you to travel freely using a walker, crutches, or cane. Arrange for someone to help you with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Purchase prepared meals or cook and freeze meals in advance. Your activity will be limited for a time period after your surgery, so plan accommodations beforehand.

Plan Your Recovery

After you have recovered from the actual surgery, your orthopedic doctor will recommend a course of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Stick to the schedule and arrange reliable transportation for each session. Do not skip sessions, and be sure to put forth all of your effort. Though it may be painful and challenging, the more effort you put in to your recovery, the better your result will be.

Knee replacement surgery can give you a new lease on life and let you get back to doing all the things you’ve missed. Prepare in advance for the best outcome possible.

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