Preparing For Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery is not a small event in a person’s life, no matter how brief the procedure will be. You are likely to have a little fear and wonder what to expect from the operation and your future life. Taking time to prepare now may mean a better outcome and recovery.spinal_surgery

Ask Questions

Your orthopedic doctor knows that spinal surgery is a big deal, and is ready to answer all of your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask what the procedure entails, a realistic idea of any pain you’ll feel, what medications you may need, and what your recovery period might look like. Ask about any limitations you may have and for how long. Having a good understanding of what to expect will reduce your frustration level and give you more confidence as you heal.

Preparing Your Body

Before your surgery, your orthopedic and medical doctors may need to analyze any medication you are on, since some drugs have an impact on healing. If you are a smoker, ask for help quitting, since smoking can seriously hinder the recovery of your cells and tissues. If you are overweight, you may be asked to shed a few pounds prior to surgery, to reduce the added stress on your heart. Your joints will benefit from this as well, since less weight means a lower workload on vulnerable joints.

Plan Ahead

Spinal surgery may require a short hospital stay, or at the very least a time period with limited mobility. You’ll need to go for checkups and rehabilitation on a regular basis and may not be able to drive, so plan your transportation ahead of time. Remove any obstacles in your home and prepare a recovery area where you won’t have to navigate stairs. Make and freeze meals that you can reheat easily, or be prepared to order in. If possible, arrange for a temporary live-in companion who can help you with your basic needs while you recover.

Your surgery is the first step to a life with less pain and more mobility. Prepare in advance so that your recovery will be smooth sailing!

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