Preventing Common Baseball/Softball Injuries

Athletes are usually fit and healthy individuals, but can be far more prone to injury than their sedentary counterparts. Athletes participating in baseball and softball often incur the same types of injuries repeatedly. Specialists in sports medicine treat a large list of injuries common to ballplayers.


Pitchers frequently experience shoulder issues due to overuse of their pitching arm. The force with which the ball must be thrown and the high number of pitches thrown combine to wear out the shoulder joint or inflame soft tissue. Tendonitis, bursitis, pinched nerves, dislocation, and torn rotator cuff can all be a result of poor form, overuse, insufficient conditioning and cold muscles. Quantity should never been valued about quality of pitches. Always warm up well and work out with a goal of building your stamina and strength in the muscle groups that support the shoulder.

Elbows and Hands

Overuse is a frequent contributor to hand and elbow pain. Repetitive motion such as throwing or batting can irritate the tendons and joints, especially if the athlete is failing to warm up properly or is pitching too many innings. Respect recommended pitch limits and do not ever go in cold to pitch. Sports medicine professionals see hyper-extended elbows and carpal tunnel symptoms in a large number of athletes.


Turning quickly at a high rate of speed can turn into one of the most devastating injuries an athlete can suffer — an ACL rupture. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the center of your knee can bring an end to your participation in sports for the season or a lifetime if it is torn or injured. Correction requires surgery followed by extensive rehabilitation. Warm up and be cognizant of how your body anatomy works, pivoting correctly when needing to turn quickly.


Sliding into a base or landing badly after a leap to catch the ball can translate into a broken or badly sprained ankle. If you have weak ankles you may wish to wear supportive tape, bracing, or specially designed shoes. This is one of the most common injuries seen by sports medicine specialists and can be extremely painful.

Athletic injuries can end your participation in sports but prevention can be as simple. Allowing ample warm-up time, stretching, employing proper form, and conditioning will minimize the potential for injuries to occur. If you do experience an accident while playing, consult a sports medicine professional immediately.

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