Preventing Joint Pain In Crossfit Training

Orthopedic CareMost of us have heard the nonstop talk about Crossfit over the last few years, and so have orthopedic care professionals. While this workout system is a great way to get in peak physical shape, there are some serious risks to consider if you decide to participate. How can you prevent joint pain during this intensive activity?

Form, Form, Form

The number one enemy of joint health for any activity is poor form. Improper technique causes unnecessary stress on muscles, joints, tears and sprains. This is especially prevalent in Crossfit since you do many reps quickly. Not maintaining the correct stance, or getting sloppy during the workout are sure ways to suffer an injury. An injury from Crossfit can be very damaging. Even if it means taking longer to complete your set, you must be sure to practice correct form during your workout to avoid joint injury and pain.

Too Much Too Soon

Another prominent problem orthopedic care specialists see from Crossfit patients is caused by lifting too much weight before their body has been conditioned for it. Again, since multiple reps are involved, an issue compounds itself very quickly. Be sure to build up to larger weight as your body gets stronger and remains comfortable. Taking on too much before your joints and muscles are adequately prepared will only hurt you, and potentially result in permanent damage or the need for surgery.


Crossfit requires multiple sessions per week, so joint pain from repetition and overuse can happen quite quickly. Tendonitis, bursitis and osteoarthritis may develop in joints like your knees, shoulders, hips and lower back. Ignoring pain and continuing to work out will amplify the problem, to the point where pain is constant and you may require surgery. It is important that you give your body time to heal.

Crossfit can be an incredible way to get in the best shape of your life, but you’ve got to pay attention to your limits and approach it with some common sense. Talk to your orthopedic care professional for more Crossfit survival tips!


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