Preventing Post-Surgery/Injury Weight Gain

Recovering from orthopedic surgery or joint injury certainly comes with a significant set of challenges, many of which are obvious, such as your lack of mobility, your inability to do normal activities for a time period, and pain management. One issue you may not have considered is the likelihood of weight gain during your recovery period. Following are some tips to help you avoid this calamity.

Plan Your Meals

A pitfall of having orthopedic surgery is unregulated access to food opportunities. Typically your regular routine at work or home keeps you busy and limits break-time. Without a regimented schedule, boredom eating can strike quickly and become a habit. Unnecessary calories add up fast and the pounds can easily add on. Keeping a regular schedule of small, healthy snacks and eating your meals at the table will keep you mindful of what you are consuming and help you to regulate your calories.


While it is certainly true that your recovery will be a period of immobility for a time, this time should be very limited and you must understand that the other, unaffected parts of your body can still be active. As long as you are not colliding with a part of your body that has just undergone orthopedic surgery or an injury, the rest of you can generally feel free to be active within reason. The more calories you burn, even through gentle yoga or stretching exercise, the better off your body will be when you are healed. By staying active during recovery you’ll lose less of your stamina and strength, and feel less tired when you return to your normal routine.


After any type of surgery, a person can easily slip into a depressive state and use channels like food, alcohol and medication to soothe their emotions. Before your surgery it is a good idea to schedule time with friends and family to visit, watch movies with you, or play board or card games. The company will improve your spirits and the activity will distract your mind from overindulging as a means of comfort.

You will typically be burning less calories while you recover from an orthopedic surgery or injury, so being cognizant of your calorie intake and making plans to support your emotional and physical needs will help you stave off weight gain while your body heals.


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