Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

Orthopedic CarePeople with orthopedic care issues know how important it is to exercise, but what they may not know is why morning is the best time of the day to squeeze in a workout. Before you put it off for later, here’s what you should know.

Joint Fluidity

Your joints work best when they are well lubricated, and movement stimulates joint fluid. By starting your day with a workout, you get those stiff and sore joints operating smoothly right away. Your joints will feel better throughout the day, and this will further encourage you to stay active and repeat the positive cycle.

Elevate Your Mood & Metabolism

When you work out, your body produces endorphins that make you feel wonderful. Starting your day with a heightened sense of happiness and reduced stress will get you through the work day more easily, and with less tension. The payoff of an increased metabolism from your workout will last for many hours. How much would you benefit from starting each day happy, fit and burning calories?

Make Better Choices

Starting your day with exercise sets a positive trend for the next several hours. You’ll be more health-conscious and may make better food choices. Ultimately this could help you with weight management, which is a hindrance to your orthopedic care. The less extra weight that is carried on your frame, the less stress placed on your joints.

Get It Done!

You know you need to exercise, so get it over with first thing in the morning when you are more likely to have the energy for a good workout. Waiting until later may mean that you never get to it, because you are too busy or tired. Your joints will suffer as a result of avoiding the activity. Feel free to drink your coffee before you workout for increased benefit.

Both your orthopedic care and general health benefit from working out in the morning. Give your joints a smooth start, and set a great tone for each day with a consistent workout routine! Contact your orthopedic care specialist for more information.

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