Recommendations to Prevent Injury Before Your Game

Too often individuals are seen by orthopaedic surgeons with injuries that could have been avoided. Individuals who practice the following simple steps before their big game will dramatically decrease the possibility of being injured.


What you eat before your game plays a role in your performance. The best meals prior to playing in a game include complex carbohydrates. It is also important to eat at least three hours prior, this is essential to timing for digestion and converting the food into available energy.

Routinely eating a balanced diet will guarantee that your body will have all the nutrients necessary to perform at an optimal level. This includes the ability to build and maintain muscle, as well as aid in healing.


The body is comprised of mostly water and as a result it is vital to be fully hydrated to meet the demands of strenuous exercise. Every cell and tissue within your body including your heart, muscles, ligaments, nerves, etc. requires the right levels of body fluids to function at its peak ability.

Warm Up

Taking the time to do a warm up is essential to the prevention of injuries. A short warm up session enables your body to increase the blood flow to the functional areas of your body before you place the heightened demands of a game on it. This session also helps to increase flexibility delivering an overall better performance.

Always make sure that you are properly conditioned for the sport you are participating in.


It is vital to allow your body the necessary time to rest before playing in a game. Sleeping is one of the most productive periods of rejuvenation and repair for your body.

You should always listen to your body while playing. This means if you are tired or fatigued, you should not push, but set it out. This physical state can easily lead to mistakes; the body is also unable to function at the greatest level of capability when fatigued.

Another feature of this is to never play when injured or not fully recovered.

Protective Gear

Before playing any sport you should inspect your equipment. Any articles that are in poor condition or do not fit properly should immediately be replaced.

If you keep these precautions in mind you will dramatically reduce your chances of being hurt. At Specialty Orthopedic Surgery our goal is to provide high quality orthopaedic health tips to keep you moving!

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