Recover From A Hip Replacement

Hip ReplacementYour hip joint plays a major part in many of your everyday movements. It’s designed to be extremely durable, but overuse, injury or other factors can cause it to wear down. A hip replacement is a safe and effective way to improve functionality that may have been lost over time.

Knowing what to expect prior to surgery can make your recovery easier emotionally and physically. Here are some guidelines and helpful tips to make the process smoother.

In the hospital

  • Your healthcare team will encourage you to get out of bed and attempt to walk soon after your surgery. They will provide you with a walker, crutches or other aid to help stabilize you. The post-surgery hospital stay is usually three to four days.
  • If you are feeling pain, your physician will control it with the use of medications. Be honest with him regarding your level of pain and how effective the medications are in relieving it.

At home

  • Before you return home, have a friend or family member remove thick rugs or any other objects that may cause you to trip. Any items you use regularly should be placed at waist level so you don’t have to bend over or stretch to pick them up.
  • Physical therapy will be an crucial part of your rehabilitation. Short-term recovery generally takes six to eight weeks, at which time you will probably be able to discontinue use of walking aids. Long-term recovery will continue until approximately six months after your hip replacement surgery.

Joint care precautions

  • During recovery it’s helpful to sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees to keep your hips immobile.
  • It’s important that you avoid bending at the waist an angle greater than 90-degrees. Don’t sit on low chairs or sofas that are too soft to provide support. Take care not to bring your knees up higher than your hips.

While this information gives you a general overview of hip replacement recovery, all patients are different. For best results, consult closely with your healthcare team and follow their instructions carefully.


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