Relieving Pain on a Sprained Ankle

Any athlete who has suffered an ankle sprain can tell you how painful this problem is. Oftentimes a sprain is more difficult to heal and causes you more misery than an actual break. Orthopaedic surgery experts generally prescribe a few ways to minimize your discomfort after an ankle sprain.


Orthopaedic_SurgeryWhen an ankle sprain occurs, the tendons or ligaments become overstretched by the hyperextension of the ankle joint. Those tissues become inflamed and the area may even be bruised. An anti-inflammatory drug may be prescribed to you, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin. These drugs are non-steroidal and reduce the swelling and inflammation of the damaged tissue, while also relieving pain. They can be hard on the stomach, and should be used as prescribed by your orthopaedic surgery professional.


The best cure for an ankle sprain is time and rest. Stay off of your foot and follow your doctor’s advice exactly, not doing so can lead to less than desired results! An ankle sprain that is not allowed to heal completely will only keep recurring, because those tissues are never permitted to contract back to their original size and shape. Staying off of the sprain will help you avoid the pain caused from trying to use the abused joint.


Another great way to reduce the swelling and resulting pain of a sprain is by using cold or ice packs. Never place ice directly on the skin, as it can cause a painful ice “burn” by damaging your skin. Use the ice or cold pack wrapped in a thin towel for periods of up to 15 minutes each throughout the day.

If you’ve suffered an ankle sprain, take the time to let it heal completely so that you won’t be as vulnerable to experiencing future sprains. See an orthopaedic surgery professional right away if you’ve injured any of your joints.

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