Scottsdale Orthopedic Hip Care

A hip surgeon understands how serious a hip issue can be. Pain, lifestyle sacrifices, and mobility issues are a strong likelihood for hip patients. Depending upon your case, there are different types of hip treatments that may be available to you.


Fracture Care

A cracked or broken hip is a major injury and the right care reduces the risk for permanent damage. A bad hip break can even lead to fatal complications. Hip fractures must have proper attention so the patient can eventually resume a normal life and have the best mobility possible.

Traditional Total Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement procedure is needed when the entire hip joint has been compromised due to forceful trauma like a motor vehicle accident, or degradation from arthritis. In a traditional total hip replacement, the hip surgeon replaces both the ball and socket of the hip joint with implants by moving or detaching all of the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) away from the bony joint area and then reattaching them once the new joint is set. Hip replacements of the past were highly invasive because it exposed the patient to major risks of infection, difficult time healing, and a long recovery. Now this procedure is more common and has less of a risk.

Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

One advanced method of hip replacement is called The Wright PATH (Percutaneously Assisted Total Hip Arthroplasty) technique. The hip surgeon uses a special process, instrument, and implant to protect the soft tissues during the replacement. Recovery is much easier than with traditional replacement.

Anterior Total Hip Replacement

The strategy used by hip surgeons in an anterior replacement is to use a smaller incision, and enter from the front of the leg. The muscles and tissues are separated to get to the joint rather than cut. This method is also less invasive than a traditional total replacement but can employ a variety of implant models. Patients don’t have to be hospitalized for long and generally have a better outcome than with traditional replacement. 

Hip injuries could impact your whole life. Having the right hip surgeon in your corner is essential for a good recovery and future lifestyle.

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