Shoulder Injuries in Athletes

Athletes and sports orthopaedics have a necessary partnership. Throughout an athletic career, problems both big and small will develop, and your doctor is the best line of both defense and recovery. Shoulder injuries are prevalent in the sports world, with the following among the most common. Sports_Orthopaedics

Rotator Cuff

Your rotator cuff is a 4-muscle group that helps your arm to rotate and lift. In sports, a rotator cuff tear is all too common. This is an injury during which the tendons are torn and the arm may no longer move properly. This situation can be caused from a bad fall or sudden trauma, or as a result of degeneration as you age. Sports orthopaedics  treat this problem with a range of methods. Mild cases may have good results with conservative treatments such as rest, limited activity, steroid injections, or anti-inflammatory medications, whereas more severe cases may need surgery to fix.


In your joints are cushioning pockets filled with fluid known as bursa. These pockets are designed to help your joints move comfortably. Due to overuse, your bursa can become inflamed and irritated. This produces pain and swelling and could cause problems with your arm movement. The key to improving bursitis is to reduce the inflammation, which can usually be accomplished with anti-inflammatory medication.


Usually due to a collision or fall, a dislocation occurs when the ball of the upper arm bone is forcibly removed from the shoulder socket. This is very painful and may seriously damage the surrounding tissues. The arm bone must be manipulated back in the socket and the shoulder immobilized until the tendons and muscles can contract back to their original length. This is to avoid the risk of a repeated dislocation. If a dislocation is severe, your sports orthopaedic may need to correct it surgically.

Shoulder issues may cause permanent damage if not treated properly. If you’ve injured any part of your shoulder talk to a sports orthopaedics specialist right away for the best recovery possible.

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