Sports Injury Prevention Strategies

Sports InjuryWhether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned exercise veteran, a sports injury can happen to you. All too often, exercisers underestimate the importance of preparing. But without taking the proper precautions, you could be sidelined for weeks due to a sports injury. Here are five strategies for avoiding that.

Master the Technique

While you don’t have to be perfect at every exercise you attempt, paying attention to form and posture reduces the chance of injury. Even something as minor as incorrect foot placement can derail your efforts, leading to pain or discomfort.

Use the Right Gear

Your shoes, clothes, and equipment should be designed specifically for the activity you’re doing. If you run, make sure your shoes are for running, not walking. Wear clothes that are breathable and won’t hinder movement.

Once you have the correct gear, take care of it. Immediately address any issues and replace gear as needed. Professionals recommend replacing your shoes every 300 miles if you run, or twice a year if you do any exercise regularly.

Give Yourself Time

Pacing yourself is crucial for preventing a sports injury. Don’t get overzealous and try to do too much at once. Here’s how you can ensure a proper pace:

  • Spread your exercise out evenly over the course of the week.
  • Remember to warm up before working out and cool down after.
  • Increase the difficulty of your routine gradually, not all at once.

Alternate Your Workouts

Overuse is the most common cause of sports injury. To avoid subjecting one area of your body to injury because of repeated use, try incorporating several different activities into your routine. Mixing it up this way not only prevents injury, but it also keeps motivated.

Remember to Rest

Allow your body a day or two of rest, so that your muscles have plenty of time to properly recover. This prevents sports injury and builds muscle, increasing the results of your workout.

Exercise is vital to your health, but your efforts are wasted if you end up hurt. Take the steps listed here for a safe, effective workout routine.

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