Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Orthopedic SpecialistsOrthopedic specialists treat many patients with varying degrees of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This issue strikes office workers, plumbers, athletes, mechanics, new moms and anyone performing repetitive actions frequently, or having certain medical conditions. CTS is a very common problem and includes a variety of symptoms.

Numbness & Tingling

The feeling you have when one of your limbs is asleep is very similar to what you’ll experience in your hands and fingers if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. The problem may be especially noticeable when you are sleeping, just waking up or after excessive repetitive activity. Interestingly, expectant mothers are extremely prone to CTS. As their pregnancy progresses, fluid builds up and places pressure on the nerves traveling through the the wrist and hand. For this circumstance, an orthopedic specialist should be consulted for ways to relieve some of the nerve pressure without drugs.

Hand Strength Issues

There a few hand strength problems that are common to carpal tunnel syndrome. One of these is weakened pinch strength, where firmly grasping something between your index finger and your thumb becomes challenging. Everyday tasks and movements can become arduous. It may be difficult to hold on to objects like a hairbrush or your pen, or to open a jar if you have CTS.


Carpal tunnel syndrome pain is generally dull and achy, but can sometimes be accompanied by a burning feeling or shooting pain. The pain may radiate from as far away as the forearm nearest your elbow, traveling into your wrist and hand. These symptoms are noticed most frequently in the first few inside fingers and your thumb.

Treating CTS

Orthopedic specialists can help identify what may be provoking your CTS, so you may possibly stop the source. In some cases, CTS could slowly improve once the stimulus is removed. In severe situations it may be necessary to have surgery to correct carpal tunnel syndrome if other treatments aren’t effective.

Carpal tunnel is extremely disruptive to life’s daily tasks. If you suffer from CTS, consult an orthopedic specialist for treatment as quickly as possible to prevent permanent nerve and tissue damage.

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