The Importance of Athlete Conditioning

All too often, athletes fail to condition properly. They end up performing poorly, or worse, with a debilitating injury. Fortunately, these issues can be corrected with an effective conditioning program. Take a look below to learn the importance of orthopedics and sports.orthopedics and sports

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is the most important reason to condition. Following a strength and conditioning program helps prevent injuries by:

  • Eliminating/preventing muscle imbalances
  • Strengthening tendons and ligaments
  • Increasing flexibility.

All of these factors prepare your body for its job on the field. If you do end up hurt, though, it’s crucial to get the issue taken care of right away with your orthopedic specialist. Orthopedics and sports should go hand-in-hand when it comes to conditioning, in order to keep your body functioning properly.


Just about every skill involved in sports requires the use of force. Whether it’s hitting, throwing, or kicking, being stronger allows you to use more force, improving your ability to complete the task. The right conditioning program works on strengthening your entire body in ways that are effective for your individual needs.


The concept of force is also important for speed. Stronger leg muscles help you run faster; you need to be strong enough to apply ample force to the ground while moving your legs. The best way to achieve optimal speed is not by running until you’re injured. Rather, it’s by conditioning the muscles needed to provide top force.

Improved Performance

With conditioning, you experience better overall performance. Your body is prepared for the task ahead, your muscles are balanced, your tendons and ligaments are strengthened, and your entire body is more flexible. Given these factors, you’re ready to get in the game. Additionally, seeing these improvements gives you a confidence boost, which can be seen on the field.

When designing your conditioning program, it’s important to remember that orthopedics and sports are partners in your success. Through both orthopedics and sports conditioning, you’ll experience a lower risk of injury, more strength, higher speed, and improved performance. To learn more about preparing your body for sports, give Specialty Orthopaedic Surgery a call today.

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