The Importance of Warming up for Exercise

Orthopedic care providers see patients for aches, breaks, pains, and more–many of them injuries that could have been prevented. There are quite a few reasons for warming up before you get into the real effort of a workout, and the following are just four of those reasons.

Happy woman warming up at a gymImprove Muscle Performance

When you begin to use your muscles gradually, you stimulate blood flow in a healthy way. As the blood flows to the tissues, the core muscle temperature goes up. The result of this is a better metabolic process within the muscle. It is able to use oxygen more effectively than a cold muscle, which means better stamina and performance. You also get better flexibility and range of motion from the muscle group after it has been warmed up sufficiently. You’ll reach farther, jump higher, and move better after a good solid warm-up.

Reduce Possibility of Tears

Studies have shown that warm muscle does not tear as easily as one that is cold. More effort and force had to be applied to the warm muscle to cause damage. No matter what type of exercise you prefer, assume that the warm-up is a mandatory part of the process since without it, any exercise becomes hazardous and carries a huge risk of injury. Orthopedic care providers see these very preventable problems more often than they care to!

Prepare Joints

Just as your muscles need the gradual activity to get ready for action, so do your joints. By starting slowly, you give the fluids in your body a chance to start flowing. Joints begin to get lubricated, which allows the cushioning tissues to soften. The result is a much more comfortable workout session, and less joint pain as well.

Protect Your Heart

Gradually ramping up your blood flow helps ALL of your muscles, and that includes your heart! By starting a workout full-speed, you endanger your heart, even if you have had no past cardiac abnormalities.

Warming up is a critical part of an exercise routine, and one that your orthopedic care professional recommends always making time for as you begin your workout!

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