The Top 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports_InjuriesUnfortunately for athletes, sports injuries are a way of life. Orthopedic professionals observe a pattern of injuries that appear to be the most common. Knowing what injuries are common and how to prevent them may save you some pain and aggravation.


Ankles, knees and wrists are the most susceptible body parts to sprain. A sudden turn could stretch the tendons and make the joint unstable. Sprains can be one of the more difficult sports injuries to heal, worse than even a fracture. Allowing a sprain to recover completely is imperative. Until tendons have had time to fully contract and heal, repeated sprains will occur.


Shoulders are a common victim of sports injuries. Hard collisions or a fall onto an outstretched arm may generate enough force to pop your upper arm bone out of socket. This incident can be excruciatingly painful since so much soft tissue damage is caused. A dislocation, like a sprain, must be allowed time to recover or will recur.


Stress fractures are found in the feet of many athletes, especially if they are runners. This is a type of overuse injury. Once the muscles responsible for absorbing force and shock have been worn down or too fatigue, the bone must then take the burden. Small cracks and fractures form and may result in swelling, pain, bruising and tenderness.

Lower Back

Your back is a complex arrangement of vertebrae and gelatinous disc material between them. Most cases of back injury are due to compression or bulging of this disc material, which allows bones to grind together or pinch nerves. This may be a result of improper lifting techniques, being overweight or sports injuries.


Knees are perhaps the most vulnerable joints in an athlete’s body. The ligaments that provide stability and keep you standing may be ruptured or torn after a bad twist, changing direction too quickly or a hard landing.

For most of the injuries mentioned, conditioning and warming up are very good preventive measures. Stopping before exhaustion and wearing the right footwear will also help you avoid serious sports injuries.


  1. Spraining your ankle during sports is one of the most frustrating things. I know I’m guilty of not waiting long enough to let it heal and then it happens again. Now I’m prone to it because I wouldn’t wait. You’re right, letting it heal correctly is really important!

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