Things to Avoid Post- Surgery

Orthopedic care patients who go through joint surgery have a lot of responsibility for how their recovery proceeds. Making poor choices or ignoring the advice of your orthopedic surgeon can have disastrous effects. Here are a few things you should NOT do after surgery.

Orthopedic Care


Unless your doctor told you otherwise, staying active will help your healing immensely. Your blood circulation will be better, preventing serious blood clots from forming and bringing healing nutrients to the mending tissues. Joint fluid is increased by mobility, keeping your joints more comfortable. Staying active will avoid further loss of muscle strength, allowing you to get back on your feet much quicker than if you were sedentary. Ask your orthopedic care professional what activities are safe for you to do while you are recovering. He or she will also likely prescribe a schedule of physical therapy, which you should carefully follow. The more effort you make during this recovery period, the better your outcome can be.

Poor Eating Habits

While you are recovering, it may be tempting to go for “comfort foods.” Stick to leafy greens, lean proteins, and wholesome fruits and vegetables. These contain the anti-oxidants and enzymes that will speed along your healing process. Avoid refined sugars and soda, as they create an unhealthy condition in your body, which can damage your vulnerable cells.

Unauthorized Medications

After surgery, you can be at risk for infection, blood clots, and more. Your orthopedic care provider should know about the medications you are taking before your procedure. Unless your medical professional tells you to take a new medication, avoid taking anything outside of that known list. Taking even an over the counter pain reliever can have serious consequences like blood thinning, which can cause you to bleed internally.

Your surgery is step one of your new life. Take good care of yourself after your procedure and you’ll reap the rewards of health and comfort.

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