Tips to Ease Arthritis Pain

Whether or not you’ve already undergone joint surgery, people may still develop arthritis. There are very effective ways to minimize your arthritis pain without chemical means. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.


Yoga and Tai Chi

Your joint surgery doctor might suggest that you start taking yoga or Tai Chi because the key to managing arthritis is to get moving. The more you move, the more lubricated your joints are, and therefore the more comfortable you’ll be able to get around. Joint fluid helps everything bend and stretch smoothly and yoga or Tai Chi are great ways to get the blood flowing without painful impact to your joints. The stretches of these activities also help to build balance and core strength while improving your flexibility, range of motion, and quality of life. 

Aqua Therapy

Water is an amazing way to reduce and even prevent your arthritis pain, especially if you have gone through joint surgery. The gentle compression of the water helps reduce swelling and inflammation, and can help your circulation. Doing stretches and exercises in the water is less painful and removes the burden of weight and gravity from your movements. This gives you a better result and allows you to push further for better range of motion. 


Last but not least, your diet is a very important factor in your joint comfort. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants such as leafy greens and vegetables, plus lean proteins rich in amino acids, like salmon. This helps keep the inflammation in your body to a minimum. Avoid sugar, as it creates an acidic environment that is unhealthy for joints and bones. You’d be surprised how much better your arthritis becomes by eating high quality foods and creating a balanced environment for your body.

Joint surgery and orthopedic patients can do a lot to improve their arthritis pain. Talk to your doctor about the tips above, and ask for additional advice on managing your condition.

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