Top 5 Benefits Of Fitting Cardio Into Your Routine


After New Year’s, many people make grand resolutions about fitting more fitness activities into their busy schedules. Many athletes vow to take their performance to the next level. Here’s how cardio can benefit you this year

Weight Management

The most obvious perk to cardio or aerobic exercise is of course to lose or manage your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you avoid many medical issues, plus minimizes the impact of activity on your joints. For each unnecessary pound carried on your frame, your knees, hips, and back suffer with every step.

Strengthen Bones

Any type of weight-bearing or resistance exercise has potential to build bone density, but impact exercise maximizes that potential. The rate of bone-building depends upon the frequency, difficulty, and duration of the exercise, and you must also be sure to stay hydrated and replenish lost minerals. Before adding impact activities to your routine, talk to your sports medicine specialist, especially if you have joint issues.

Muscle Strength

Another fairly obvious plus of cardio is building strong muscles. This also helps support your body frame and can keep your bones in alignment. For example, many people with back issues are urged to exercise the muscle groups that support their spine, as this helps stabilize the vertebrae.

Keep Joints Moving

Many athletes may eventually have joint issues or arthritis. While it may seem difficult to stay active in this case, it will help keep your joints fluid and moving. Your sports medicine professional will recommend activities that are safe for your condition and allow you to stay in the game comfortably.


Moving, stretching and shaking warms up your muscles and helps them lengthen, especially during activities like Pilates. The result is better flexibility and range of motion. The improvement to your flexibility lends surprising benefits to your athletic performance!

Cardio is a superb way to stay fit and moving. Your sports medicine specialist should be involved in adding new exercises to your workout routine to help you avoid injury. A little commitment to a cardio plan will pay off in many body benefits.

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