Top 5 Exercises To Relieve Knee Pain

Most people will suffer from knee pain at some point in life. For some, the trouble may lead to a knee replacement surgery. For others, a schedule of specific exercises may be enough to improve the situation. Here are a few that may help decrease your knee pain.

Yoga & Stretchingknee_replacement

Yoga is incredibly useful for most orthopedic patients. This activity helps build strength and flexibility, lengthen muscles, improve coordination and balance, and keep joints lubricated without the stress of impact. Yoga can be used by patients with very limited mobility to help them get back on their feet.

Leg Raises

For patients recovering from knee replacement surgery, leg raises are one of the first exercises you may do at rehabilitation. On a flat surface, you can do bent leg, straight leg, and side leg raises to strengthen the muscles that support your knees. Perform these in small sets at first, gradually increasing the number of repetitions and degree of the bend.

Stationary Bicycle

A great low-impact way to rebuild strength and range of motion, the stationary bike is a great tool in the battle against knee pain. Start at a slow pace for a small duration at first, then increase your speed, workout time, and resistance as you grow stronger.

Wall Slide

With your back to a wall, gently slide down the wall and back up again by bending your knees. Start with a small bend, eventually increasing the degree but never to the point where your knees are past your feet. Wall slides provide you support while building your knee strength.

Step Ups

Last but not least, a step up is a great way to increase the stability of your knees. Beginning with a low step or board, bend the knees and step onto the raised platform, then back down. You may gradually increase the height of the step and the number of repetitions over time.

Whether or not you’ve undergone a knee replacement, you can reduce your knee pain using these exercises. As always, check with your doctor before introducing new activities.

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