Top 7 Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a great way to stay in shape, enjoy the company of friends, and engage in healthy competition. Unfortunately, sports medicine professionals commonly treat injured tennis players. Learning about these injuries may help you avoid them.

Tennis Elbow

This is the most common tennis injury seen by sports medicine professionals. The repetitive motion of swinging a racket inflames the tendons in the elbow area. This can be prevented by sufficiently warming-up to condition the muscles, and be sure you’ve got the right racket grip.

Sprained Ankle

Changing direction quickly and landing improperly can cause ankle sprain, when ligaments overstretch or tear. This is often more painful and difficult to heal than a fracture. Adequately warming up and being aware of your movements can help you avoid ankle sprain.

Shoulder Injury

Poor form during a swing damages your shoulder joint, tendons, and ligaments. A shoulder issue may prevent you from moving your arm or cause you extreme pain to do so. Practicing proper technique is very important to avoid shoulder injuries.

Stress Fracture

Your back and foot bones are very vulnerable to stress fractures, which happen when your muscles can no longer absorb the shock of impact and transfer the shock to the bone, creating a small crack or split. Knowing your limits and not pushing your muscles too hard without allowing them rest will minimize your chances of these breaks.

Calf Strain

You’re pushing off the court surface to return a wicked backhand when you feel a burning pain in your calf. A calf strain occurs when the muscle is overstretched and cause tears in the muscle. It is painful and if severe enough, might require surgery to fix. Adequate warm-up and conditioning is a preventive tactic recommended by sports medicine professionals

Wrist Tendonitis

Another injury that results from repetitive motion and poor form is tendonitis of your wrist. The tendons become inflamed and painful, preventing you from comfortably moving your hands. Prevention is as easy as making sure to adequately warm up and proper form.


After years in sports, the impact on your joints may contribute to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis makes it difficult to walk and move without terrible pain. Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly to prevent the onset of osteoarthritis.

Tennis is a fantastic sport, but it is important to emphasize warming up thoroughly before every match and to be conscious of your bodies movements so you can continue to play injury free.

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